How to Recover United Intranet uID & Password?

It’s not a big deal to forget your passwords. Every one of us has faced such issues with our passwords. If you can’t recollect your United Intranet Ual Login ID or Password, we are here to help you out.

Before entering your uID/username and password on the Login Page of Flying Together Ual Account, always check that your Caps Lock and Number Lock keys are not in active mode. If they are active, then turn them off to avoid the wrong password and uID input.

How to recover Ual User ID?

There is no such option as “Forgot your ID?” at this time. If you forget your Flying Together Ual Login uID or username, then you need to connect with the administrator to recover it.

Your united flying together user ID starts with U, V, N, or I. If you are a legacy co-worker, you should no longer use it.

Forgot United Intranet Password?

Recovering password for your Flying Together Ual account is quite simple and hassle-free. We have described the password recovery process for both the United Airlines Employees and non-United Pass Riders here lucidly. Take a look.

United Employee Password

  • Go to united intranet login page
  • Now enter your United Airlines User ID or uID.
  • you must enter your united airlines’ user ID before you proceed further.
  • To reset your password, you have to now click on the “Password Help” link placed below the password box.
  • This will take to a new webpage. It is the identity manager page where they have to identify the user before helping you to reset your password.
  • You have to follow the steps described on that webpage.
  • You will be asked the security questions you have answered before. Answer the questions and click on login to reset.
  • Please remember that the answers are automatically converted to upper case.
  • Follow the instructions diligently and reset your password within a few minutes.

There is an alternative procedure for this. You can access the identity manager page and reset your password from there too. You can access the page here

forgot united intranet password

Non-United Pass Rider Password

Non-United Pass Riders must change their Flying Together Ual Login password frequently as their passwords expire soon. If you want to reset the password on the occasion of both forgetting and expiration, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Whenever we need to reset a password, we visit the related website and click on forgot password link
  • Related website to Non-united pass riders is
  • This will take you to their employeeRES webpage.
  • Take a look at the sentence placed below the Username and Password fields.
  • It states like “Forgot your password? Please ask the United employee who set up your login access to reset your password for you.”
  • Non-United Pass Rider password can be reset by the user and only the United Airlines employee who set up the account can do it.

How to Choose The Best Password?

When you reset your password, it is really important to choose a strong one. A strong password is difficult to crack. So you can secure your account if your password is strong. Here are some tips for a strong password:

  1. Use at least one upper case letter, symbol, and number.
  2. It should be easy to remember. Do not use the random password generators to get a strong password. Your personal account password should be easy to remember.
  3. This of something that you only know. Something like your second favorite place or food or a person.
  4. If the name you choose is one of your names or your kids’ names or your loved ones’ name, then you should rethink this.
  5. Try to avoid your birthday numbers in the password. It is a bad practice. Try to avoid anniversary dates as well.
  6. Do not use the same password you used for other accounts. You should really reconsider it.
  7. A short password is a weak password. So, please choose a lengthy password.
  8. If your password has random phrases then it is really great. Because it is difficult to guess the random phrases or names.
  9. You could substitute some letters for others. Like you can replace number zero with the letter O. Another example is, you can replace letter a with symbol @.
  10. Please avoid using previous passwords. It should be different from your last 3 passwords.

United Intranet Helpline Desk

If your United Intranet Login issue still persists, then you can seek their help by dialing 1-847-700-5800. They will assist you in resolving the login related issues.

You can also reach their Customer Support Desk at the following address –

United Airlines Inc.

PO Box 06649

Chicago, IL 60606-0649

United States

You can even contact the IT service desk if you need any additional help related to your flying together united employee account. You can reach out to help on the phone by dialing 1-800-255-5801.

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