How Can I Get My UAL W2 Form Online?

Ual W2 form is a Tax and Wages statement that United Airlines prepare for their employees. This form is very useful in understanding the gross income and deductions for a particular financial year. With the help of the United Airlines W2 Form, an employee can also decide how much tax he/she needs to pay in a financial year.

united airlines w2 form

How to access W2 form online?

If you are working with United Airlines and have opted for the electronic United Airlines Tax Statement updates, then you can access your W2 Form by following these simple steps. You can also print your W2 Form with the same steps.

In case you do not remember your user ID or password, you can go through “forgot my united intranet password” steps and get your account back.

  • Once logged in, you have to go to the “Employee Services” section.
  • Now choose the “My Info” option under that section.
  • Click on “Continue to My Info and Manager’s Toolbox”.
  • Click on the W2 icon.
  • Then click on the “Access Current Year-End Statements” option.
  • Select your W2 form.
  • If you want to download the W2 form, then choose “DOWNLOAD (PDF)”.
  • Then click on the “Review and Complete Order” button.
  • Now select the “Submit Order”.
  • Click on the “View or Download” tab.
  • Now you are ready to take the print out of your W2 Form with the help of a printer.
  • Ensure that your device is enabled with Abode-Reader software to view and download your W2 statement.
  • Also, make sure that Pop-Up Blocker in your device is turned off as you have to follow the pop-up instructions to view or download your W2 Form.
  • Recommended browsers to access W2 statements are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (for Mac devices only).

united airlines form online

How do I get my Ual W2 form in the post?

As per Federal Law, every employer needs to post W2 forms to all their workers latest by January 31st of every year. No wonder, United Airlines issue W2 statements to their workers in the month of January for every financial year.

We will advise you to keep your current address updated in the United Airlines system to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving the W2 Form by post. United Airlines sends the W2 forms to the addresses the employees have registered with their system. So, update your email and postal address immediately if you have changed them recently.

If you don’t receive your W2 in email or postal mail till mid-February, immediately contact the HR to reissue the statement. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you have to place a call to IRS on the toll-free number 1-800-829-1040.

You need to share these details when you call :

  • Your name, postal address, Social Security Number, and phone number.
  • Name of your employer (which is United Airlines), address, and phone number.
  • Your work dates in the past year.
  • An approximate estimate of your wages can be found at your pay-stub accompanying your pay-check.

UAL W-2 Form Issues :

  1. If you do not receive your W-2 form by mid of February, you should contact your employer.
  2. In case any of your details like your name, wages, or other information on W-2 form in incorrect, you should ask your employer for corrections.
  3. Employers input the details of the employee. So you should ask your employer about anything related to the W-2 form.

Understanding W-2 Form 2020

Your W-2 form has the details of your income, taxes, employer information, identification, and your personal info.

  • Your personal info will be your social security number, your name, and your mailing address.
  • Employer information will be their Tax ID number, name, and business address. The w-2 form also has an employer’s state ID number on it.
  • Your income-related info will be wages, tips, other compensation, social security wages, Medicare wages, and tips. More details come under this category. They are social security tips, stage wages, and local wages.
  • The form will have tax information too. The fields that come under this are federal income tax withheld, social security tax withheld, Medicare tax withheld, and non-qualified plans.
  • More fields that belong to this category are state income tax and local income tax.
  • The identification information will be there. The fields related to this are control numbers, checkboxes to identify if you are a statutory employee, retirement plan, and third-party sick pay.
  • You will also see some miscellaneous fields on the form. They are allocated tips, dependent care benefits, 12b, 12c, 12d fields and employees address.

Wrapping Up

This post has covered everything related to UAL employees and their W-2 wage and tax statement form. I hope you have gone through all the information provided in this post to understand the form better. If you have any questions related to this, you can comment below.

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