How to Use United Airlines Buddy Passes ?

Buddy passes are issued by several airlines to their employees as a way to showering them with little perks apart from paychecks. United Airlines also issues similar non-revenue, standby flight tickets known as “United Airlines Buddy Passes” as a benefit to their employees.

A United Airlines employee can share these passes with his/her friends and family members so that they can enjoy free or low-cost flights to several destinations. There is no fee to fly with United Airlines Buddy Passes but the passenger must pay for taxes and charges associated with flight. The price may vary from one airline to another.

Who gets United Airlines Buddy Passes?

Only active employees with United Airlines are issued with Buddy Passes. Such passes are never issued to retired employees. Current employees can use flying together ual login portal for more information.

An employee can get a maximum of 12 buddy passes for a year that comes with an annual expiration date. These buddy passes come in the form of a credit which is adjusted as soon as the employee books a flight for a family member or friend.

united airlines buddy pass

Benefits of United Airlines Buddy Passes

There are several benefits of flying with United Airlines Buddy Passes. We are mentioning here just a few.

  • In most cases, the cost of flying with buddy passes is much less expensive than the regular flight tickets. That’s the reason buddy pass passengers are termed as “non-revenue” individuals
  • If seats are vacant, your buddy pass can be upgraded to Business Class or First Class without adding any extra cost.
  • Buddy pass allows you to choose your travel date as per your convenience before it gets expired.

How to make most of these Buddy Passes (Tips)

Here are a few tips that can help you to get most of your UAL Buddy Passes.

  • Buddy passes are basically standby tickets which means you are not guaranteed a seat if the flight is booked completely. Therefore, try to avoid flying during peak times like the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Holiday Weeks (Memorial Day, Labour Day, Christmas, etc.) and under inclement weather conditions.
  • Afternoon flights usually remain overcrowded. So, try to fly with morning or late-night flight where chances are high to secure a seat.
  • Be nice to the staff. When you are flying with United Airlines Buddy Pass, you are representing their team. Don’t ruin the reputation of the employee who offered you the standby travel.
  • Reach the airport about 2 hours prior to the departure time of the flight.
  • Keep your confirmation code handy while approaching the ticket agent or the self-check-in kiosk to get your “standby ticket” quickly. Check for the special “standby” tag on your luggage so that your bags don’t take off without you.
  • Once you are checked in, no need to hurry to reach the gate. The computer shows a list of all standby passengers. Wait till your number comes and you are called to be issued with a boarding pass.

UAL Buddy Pass Rider Account Login

If you are a buddy pass rider, then here are the steps to access your account.

  • Buddy Pass Rider Account is set up by the employee. Even the retirees can create an account for eligible buddy pass riders.
  • The employee who creates the rider account has to activate it.
  • When you try to activate it, you will have to accept travel guides to continue.
  • In the next window, give all the necessary information and submit the form.
  • You will be asked to enter user name, temporary password, email address, and some other details.
  • You can even choose permitted or not permitted options to authorize flight bookings
  • Once the account is set up, the pass rider will receive an email mentioning the username and temporary password.
  • After receiving the email, you need to click on the link received with the email or you can visit the login webpage at
  • Enter the username and temporary password.
  • Then reset the password.
  • Every time you book a trip, the employee receives an email containing the travel details.

Each time the buddy pass rider books something, the employee who created the account will get updates. He will get an email with some details. The details contain ePass confirmation number, departure date of the flight, and first name & last name of the pass rider.

The employee has the chance to cancel this travel plan if he or she has not authorized this.

UAL Pass Rider Password Reset

United Airlines have brought some changes to its united intranet portal. Before these changes, a Non-united pass rider could change his password from flying together site. Now, If you forget the password of your Buddy Pass Rider Account and can’t access it, then you have to contact the United Airlines employee who actually set up the account for you.

An employee can follow the steps give below to reset pass rider password:

  • Go to employee RES
  • Click on quick links and then choose the employee profile option there.
  • You will see the pass rider profile.
  • Click on the Edit option to see the change password button.
  • Hit on that button and choose a strong password.

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