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United Intranet is a portal for the employees within the company. They can communicate with colleagues, get information about the company, and many other benefits. This is also known as flying together.

Here is how you can use it :

Before you proceed, please read these guidelines,

  1. You have to be an active employee of United Airlines to access the facility.
  2. You must remember your Flying Together UID and password and keep them handy before login.
  3. We advise you not to use public devices to log in to your account.

United Intranet Employee Login :

  • https://flyingtogether.ual.com/ is the official web address you need to access
  • A Login Page asking for your uID/username and password will appear before you.
  • Enter your uID or also known as United Airlines ID
  • Give your United airlines password
  • Click on the Login button

united intranet login

Once you are logged in to your Flying Together Ual account, you may check for your health benefits, your payslips, work schedules and know what’s going on within the company through the updates. You can even get a wage and tax forms from the portal.

If you share your buddy pass with a rider, you can create a profile for the rider from your account. You can also control the authorization of travel plans created by the pass rider. It is really easy. You can find the options under Quick Links

You can also update your personal information with United Airlines with the help of this employee profile.

How to register for United Intranet Account?

UAL Intranet Login facility is exclusive to United Airlines employees. This account is offered to all employees as soon as they join the company.

You can’t set up your account on your own. Your account will be set up by your HR or by someone authorized to do so. After setting up the profile for you, you will be provided with login credentials.

If you are a new employee and do not know your account details, you should contact the administrator to receive them. They are dedicated to helping the employees regarding this.

How to reset the United Intranet password?

With so many passwords and usernames to keep in mind, it’s quite common to forget a few of them occasionally. If you can’t remember your Flying Together Ual Login password, there is no need to worry. It can be reset with some simple steps.

  • Click on the password help option available on the flying together login page

We have written a step-by-step tutorial on how to reset your Flying Together Ual Login password. You can check out our guide on how to Reset flying together password

Flyingtogether.Ual.com Login Problems

You may face some login issues with your Flying Together Ual account. Here we have tried our best to offer you the best suggestions and solutions.

  • United Intranet Flying Together portal is accessible to only United Airlines employees. If you are presently working with the company, then only you can sign in.
  • If you can sign in to your account, check your device is properly connected with an active internet connection.
  • Always check the URL address of the Flying Together Ual Login Page. The correct link is ual.com
  • While writing the password make sure you are typing it with proper Uppercase and Lowercase arrangements as passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you are copying the password from a document to avoid the hassle of retyping, then check for any unintentional additional spaces added to your password.
  • Check your Caps Lock and Number Lock keys of the keyboards before typing the password and username/uID. Turn them off before you start typing the credentials.
  • United Intranet server can run slow or can be temporarily down. Wait for some time and try to log in again at least after half an hour.
  • If it is taking too long to log in, you can clear the cache and browsing history of your device’s browser (Chome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Yahoo, etc.) for better internet speed.
  • If you are not being able to log in as the login page is showcasing ‘Error Message’, you can visit the webpage in Incognito Mode.


You have learned everything related to your united intranet account. We have covered how to get your account details, how to use them to log in to the account, and also what to do when you forget the password. If there is anything more you want to know, you can reach out to the help desk.

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  1. Gaynail Hudson

    I retired June 30, 2020. I need to know how and where to return United equipment. I also need a new badge.
    Who do contact for the above information please?.

    1. If you are eligible to order a retiree badge, you can do that by visiting “Flying Together > employeeRes> Quick Links>Employee Profile”.

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